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Prof. Visser's Report

Professor Kobus Visser was appointed on a professional basis by Professor Jan Lotz (Inge's father) to review the credibility of our reports and to conduct his own investigation into Folien 1.

Here is his report

Below is Prof. Visser's concise CV:


1969-1971: Obtain B.Sc. degree at the UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH

- Mathematics III
- Physics III
- Applied Mathematics II
- Computer Science I
- Chemistry I

1972: Obtain Hons. B.Sc. degree in PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH, Cum Laude

1973-1974: Obtain M.Sc. in PHYSICS (Spectroscopy), UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH, Cum Laude on thesis: ‘Temperature determination in an inductively coupled radio frequency plasma torch

Receive the Prof. JOHN TODD MORRISON MEDAL and the J.G. van der Horst price for the M.Sc. research.

1973-1976: Employed as CSIR research assistant in Spectroscopy in the Physics Department of the UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH under Prof. P.B. Zeeman


1981: Obtain Ph.D. in Physics (Spectroscopy) from the UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH on thesis: ‘Temperature and electron number density profiles in an inductively coupled plasma discharge

1981-1984: Senior Chief Research Officer at the National Accelerator Centre of the CSIR at Faure, currently iThemba Labs.

Promoted in 1984 to Vice Head of the Control Group at the N.A.C.

1985-1987: Specialist Researcher at the N.A.C. (iTemba Labs) of the CSIR

1987-2008: Assistant-professor in Physics at the UNIVERSITY OF STELLENBOSCH

1996-1997: Spent 18 months as Post-Doctoral research fellow at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Fl, USA under supervision of Prof. James D. Winefordner

1973-2008: Involved with lecturing in the annual Spectroscopy and Emission Course presented by the Physics Department at the University of Stellenbosch

Prof. Visser is the author/co-author of 23 publications in international scientific journals, four international conference publications and presented numerous talks at National Physics Conferences

During the 25 years Prof. Visser lectured in the Physics Department at the University of Stellenbosch he presented the following courses on numerous occasions:

- Physics Bio 178 (General Physics for Biological Sciences)
- Physics 212/224 (Waves and Optics)
- Physics 214/244 (Computational Physics B: Deterministic Systems)
- Computer Literacy 272 (Data Capture and Interfacing)
- Physics 372 (Introduction to Electronics)
- Digital Electronic Design
- Physics 312 (Computational Physics)
- Physics 352 (Atomic and Quantum Physics)
- Atomic Physics 713 for BSc Hons
- System Electronics
- AF742 (Spectroscopy) for BSc. Hons.

Prof. Visser was responsible for the development of experiments and to organize and present Physics Laboratory Practicals for all undergraduate years and Hons. level students.

Prof. Visser has experience in designing and building hardware-interfaces as well as programming the drivers and software necessary for data capturing and instrument control. During his employment at the National Accelerator Centre he acquired the skills of digital electronic design, computer interfacing to instrumentation as well as the programming skills to control such systems. At the Physics Department he designed, built and put into operation computer controlled apparatus for performing general Physics experiments. He has experience working with microprocessors and their peripheral components, programmable logic circuits, printed circuit board layout and the assembly of pc boards.

Prof. Visser has fairly extensive experience in computer programming. He is an able programmer in Delphi and also uses Matlab and Mathematica. He also has experience with Fortran, Basic and assembly level language. He designed websites and used amongst others html and JavaScripts and also applied sql protocol to transfer data from Web based Adobe forms to an Access database. He is well versed in using all the components of the Windows Office suite: Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage. He regularly uses Latex and BibTex to generate publication quality study manuals. He developed a number of Web-based courses and is also proficient in developing computer based audiovisual material.

Prof. Visser has a proven track record as an efficient lecturer, having twice received the Stellenbosch University Rector’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, in 1995 and again in 2004. He has the rare combination of being knowledgeable and experienced in all three fields of general Physics, electronics and computer programming. He effectively managed Physics modules with over 770 students, both for scheduling of practicals and recording and maintaining their marks.

Prof. Visser has extensive experience in classical spectroscopy, both as regards theory and experimental research.



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