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New: Daily Maverick Article

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Oscar-book Daily Maverick article

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New: (08/09/15): Extract from Bloody Lies Too - About the letters

New: (27/05/15): Daryl Shane Els Exposed

New: (21/07/15): Ian Myburgh's affidavit

New: (21/07/15): Is Roger Dixon's inadmissible Section 212 affidavit the way to a retrial? Read here

New: (21/07/15): New book launched on 20 July 2015 (see image below)

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While covering some aspects dealt with in Bloody Lies, it is a book in its own right, with its own slant. Full of new stuff (that's not even on this website), full colour, and not for sensitive readers.

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New: (26/07/15): Read more in Bloody Lies Too about this never-before-revealed mark:

(10/10/14): Newly discovered marks on the bloodied towel fit the implicated hammer perfectly. Read more here


The Mollett Investigation is a private, objective, independent, self-initiated and self-funded investigation into forensic aspects of the Inge Lotz murder case.

Read more about the Mollett Investigation here

We invite experts around the world to review our findings and to do their own research and investigation. We will gladly supply relevant high resolution photos of exhibits and relevant reports.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please send an email to and we will answer it in reasonable time on our Q&A page. Any useful information is also welcome.

'Bloody Lies - Citizens reopen the Inge Lotz murder case' - Now available

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Reviews & Articles:

Die Burger / Beeld Review

The Witness Review

Cape Times Review

Sunday Times Article

Fair Lady article


NEW: (18/08/2014): We answer Antony Altbeker on some of the comments he made in Marie Claire magazine

NEW: (02/08/14): See what's going on on the towel found in Inge's bathroom (on the updated Towel page). You will find undeniable proof that an identical hammer to the suspect hammer was on the scene, drenched in Inge's blood.

NEW: (02/08/14): See updated Hammer page

Prof Chris Theron's prelim report on headwound photo's scale - here

Read about Swartz and Folien 1 here - the crux of this case

Please visit the updated Bloodmarks page

So, does the left forefinger's print come from a flat surface or drinking glass? Decide for yourself.

Read more about Folien 1 here - and please make sure to read Prof Visser's report.


Let's see what a digital 3D model tells us about the sizes of the headwounds - see here



Presentation at UCT Forensic Medicine Faculty, 11/06/14 - (Photo: Marianne Thamm - Daily Maverick - see article below)

Daily Maverick article

Die Burger article


Above: Thomas Mollett addresses a news conference in Katowice, Poland, on 7 Feb 2014. He spoke to them about the case in general and more specifically about new tests that will be done in Poland in coming months. He also informed the journalists about the conduct of experts Wertheim and Zeelenberg and the IAI's cover-up of their conduct

News about the new tests will be announced here soon.

Below are some direct links to interesting pages:

NEW: (11/05/14): Read about Swartz and Folien 1 here - the crux of this case

NEW: (10/05/14): Please visit the updated Bloodmarks page

New: We answer some questions by Anonymous on our Q&A page (received 18 Feb 2014)

New: Digital 3D modelling of headwound sizes

New: We answer some questions by Janneman on our Q&A page (received 28 Feb 2014)

Funeral Eulogies of Wimpie and Fred - What did Fred mean with "You did what you had to do, and it was enough?"

Footage 2 - Were all routes to Stellenbosch considered?

Expert reviews on our Lip Print Report

Did Fred intend to drive to Stellenbosch the night of the 16th?

Fingerprint Report - Expert Review by Franswa Stassen

IAI Cover-up

Forensic Pathologist's Review

Open Letter to Roger Dixon

Open Letter to Arie Zeelenberg

Open Letter to Pat Wertheim

New: Focus on Folien 1's top line

New: Focus on Folien 1's bottom line

New: Added: Dr Lincoln Petersen's opinion on the "lip print"

New: Professor Kobus Visser's Report

YOU article of 28 Nov 2013

Huisgenoot article of 28 Nov 2013



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